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Cut Flowers / De la terre sous les ongles

Cut Flowers/ De la terre sous les ongles

June 3, 2023 to May 25, 2024

Visitors are invited to dive into a feminine world, the garden, combining more than 100 contemporary photographs by artists Anne-Marie Proulx and Sara A.Tremblay with historical objects from the Museum’s collection. The exhibition is a collaboration between the artists and the curators Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande and Julie-Ann Latulippe.    

Generally seen as an organized, controlled space where humans seek to domesticate nature, a garden can also be a wild, peripheral place that becomes familiar and intimate through exploration. 

The exhibition Cut flowers / De la terre sous les ongles invites you to explore these two types of spaces through the worlds of two contemporary artists intersected with historical works and archives, inspiring reflections on the relationship between plants and bodies in garden practices.  

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