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A magnificent heritage house built in 1859 by Dr. Moses French Colby, with its original furnishings, archives and the rich collections of the Stanstead Historical Society.

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Colby-Curtis Museum & Stanstead Historical Society

The Stanstead Historical Society was founded in 1929 in a century-old schoolhouse – the Mansur School – a historical landmark that remains under the Society’s care. After several moves, its remarkable collections aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of this border region found an ideal permanent home.  Under the aegis of the Colby-Curtis Museum, the Society’s collections have been installed in Carrollcroft, a classical revival-style villa built in 1859. The house as well as all of its contents were donated to the Society by the Colby family in 1992. Today, Carrollcroft houses the expanded Colby-Curtis Museum and Archives. Permanent displays give visitors a glimpse of the gracious lifestyle enjoyed by several generations of a prominent border family of American origin. Changing temporary exhibitions present other fascinating aspects of regional history.