Waterways of the St. Francis

June 15th – October 19th, 2019

The St. Francis valley drains a vast expanse of Appalachian highlands, forests, farms and townsites, stretching from northern New England to the St. Lawrence Seaway; an area equal to more than 10,000 square kilometres. From the last Ice Age to modern times, natural waterways shaped patterns of human migration and settlement across southern Quebec. This exhibition shows the many ways that rivers were used, historically, in the development of Eastern Townships communities and invites a reflection on the future conservation of this precious watershed heritage. The exhibition features archival images, photographs of recent archaeological finds in the St. Francis watershed as well as many artefacts from the Stanstead Historical Society collection.

The exhibition Waterways of the St. Francis was created by the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network in collaboration with the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum and adapted by the Colby-Curtis Museum.