Bêtes et Bestiaire

Animals from the Colby-Curtis collection

Temporary Exhibition – Second Edition

The Colby-Curtis Museum is proud to announce the new edition, enriched and reviewed, of its temporary exhibition Bêtes et Bestiaire – Animals from the Colby-Curtis Collection, presented from April 1st 2021 to December 19, 2021.

Young and old alike are invited on a journey through the Museum’s collection through more than 500 objects. A central theme: animals!

This exhibition is the second in a series that aims to shed light on the hidden treasures of the Museum, be they objects of daily life, exceptional artefacts, or strange objects. Come with the family!

Animals are ubiquitous in the culture of the industrial era. On the one hand, their transformed bodies are used in the manufacture of many objects, utilitarian as well as decorative. On the other hand, the abundance of animal representations shows that they constitute an essential part of the human imagination.

How do the artefacts of the culture of the turn of the 20th century relate to animals? And what does this look at the animals say about the people who made and used the objects?

The Beasts and Bestiary – Animals from the Colby-Curtis Collection exhibition is an invitation to reflect on the role animals play in the making of our humanity.