A Visit to the Doctor's Office

Adopt an ARTEFACT 2021 - Fourth Edition

Temporary Exhibition

We are proud to announce the launch of the fourth edition of our Adopt an Artefact 2021 fundraising program!

In order to allow us to pursue our goal of preserving and disseminating the rich cultural heritage that tells the story of our region, we are offering the opportunity for everyone to adopt an artefact from the Museum’s collection for a period of one year.

Every person who adopts a ‘Mystery Artefact’ will be able to come seek and admire ” their ” artefact exhibited in the ‘Colbys of Stanstead’ permanent exhibition, starting from September 11, 2021.

The theme for this fourth edition is ‘A Visit to the Doctor’s Office’. All new objects in this edition are ‘Mystery Artefacts’ which relate to this theme, to recreate three medical events: a regular visit to the doctor’s office in the 19th century, a small emergency surgery and a departure for the war of a doctor at the mid-20th century.