Narrows Bridge Construction Contract, 1881

The Narrows Bridge is a covered bridge spanning Fitch Bay on Lake Memphremagog. The bridge was built in 1881 by Charles and Alexander MacPherson of Georgeville for the sum of $775. The contract spelled out every detail: the trusses had to be of the Town lattice type; the camber, 2.5 inches (6.35 cm); and the balance beams, of “old growth tamarack free from sap and all defects”. The material had to be “of first quality and the workmanship first class”. The Narrows Bridge still stands today, testament both to its sturdy construction and to the will of local people to preserve this important piece of their heritage. This artefact is part of the Marion Morrill Fonds.

Inventory number: Mor 15.1

Adoption price : $500 / ADOPTED!