Mason’s Apron, 1846

Master Mason’s apron, hand-painted on silk. Aprons from the early 1800s were often works of art which reflected a tangible connection between a member and his experience as a Mason. Freemasonry was first introduced into Canada at the time of the British Conquest in 1759. By the early 19th century, the fraternity had spread to many parts of the country, including the Eastern Townships. Stanstead is home to Golden Rule Lodge No. 5. Created in 1803, Golden Rule (and its predecessor Lively Stone Lodge) has always been an international lodge, with members from both Canada and the United States. Up until the War of 1812, the Masonic hall was situated directly on the Canada-U.S. border. Golden Rule’s current hall on Dufferin Street dates to 1860. Today, this magnificent building is the oldest Masonic temple in use in Canada. Donated by John G. Gilman, unknown date.

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