Lace Bobbin, circa 1890

This lace bobbin, also known as a lace maker’s cushion, was used by the Stanstead Ursulines for more than 75 years and was donated to the Society by Sister Angèle Bernard. In 1884, nine Ursuline nuns of the Quebec region opened a monastery in Stanstead Plain, built according to the plans drafted by François-Xavier Berlinguet, a Quebec architect, engineer, and sculptor. That same year, the boarding school and day school opened its doors to young girls, and a school for boys was also created. At the time, Stanstead was considered by the Ursulines to be the pearl of the Eastern Townships. The Stanstead Ursuline Monastery closed its doors in 2004 and became, seven years later, the Stanstead Manor, a seniors’ residence. Donated by Sister Angèle Bernard, 1990.

Inventory number: 1990.1666.1-24

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