Adoption Stories

“The barn is the jewel of the Colby-Curtis Museum. We adopted the Stagecoach to honour Harry Isbrucker who did so much to bring it alive.” 

— Claude Lagacé & Paul Bannerman (Bannerman Foundation)

“Both Penny and John have always lived in homes with impressive clocks and they are delighted to keep up this tradition with the adoption of the Porter Kimball clock.” 

— Penny Packard & John Logan

“The members of Golden Rule Lodge No. 5, a Stanstead institution since 1803, are pleased to support the work and mission of the Stanstead Historical Society and the Colby-Curtis Museum. We salute your efforts to preserve and promote our local history!” 

— Golden Rule Lodge No. 5, Stanstead

“Terence Hawes Financial Services Inc. is pleased to support the cultural, historical, and charitable organizations of the Three Villages, a community he has been a part of for over forty years.” 

— Terence Hawes Financial Services Inc.

“In 1783, Ithiel Towner took part in an expedition commissioned by the British army to explore the region to the east of Lake Memphremagog, with a view to opening it to colonisation.” 

— Susan Copeland and Denis Lord in honor of Ithiel Towner (1742-1810), one of Denis’s ancestors.

“Sussex Preceptory #9 was constituted in Sherbrooke under the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada in the year 1867. As a Masonic organization, it supports fraternal fellowship and benevolence. It practises and commemorates the ancient rituals of Christian knighthood.” 

— Sussex Preceptory #9

“There is no place like the Eastern Townships, and no museum like the Colby-Curtis! I am very pleased to support the Adopt an Artefact program!”

— Matthew Farfan

“This eye visor reminds us of the importance of safe working conditions for all.”

— Penny Packard

“This ledger belonged to our 7th Great-Grandfather Daniel Curtis who came to Canada in 1800 with his wife Mary Aikin and settled in Stanstead East, Quebec.”

 — Keira & Rya Curtis

“The forces evoke for me an old French song that I sing to my son since he was born and whose first verse that goes as follows: “La laine des moutons, c’est nous qui la tondaine, la laine des moutons, c’est nous qui la tondons. Tondons, tondons, la laine des moutaines, tondons, tondons, la laine des moutons”.”

— Joseph Gaudreau-Latulippe

“What lives, what stories are hidden in this album?”

— Julie-Ann Latulippe