About the Adopt an Artefact Fundraising Program

The Stanstead Historical Society (SHS) is the custodian of an extensive collection of artefacts and archives representing the history and heritage of the border communities of Stanstead County, from the early 19th and 20th centuries. This incredible collection, which bears witness to the rich cultural heritage of Stanstead County, telling the stories of our region and community, is yours to discover! 

The Adopt an Artefact fundraising program has been conceived as a way for local residents, schools, businesses and organizations of the MRC de Memphrémagog to adopt an artefact from our collection. Each artefact to adopt from our catalogue will be on display within the museum for one full year. By adopting one of our artefacts, you will be contributing in a meaningful way to the preservation and promotion of our collections.

The Benefits

When you adopt an artefact from the SHS collection, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • A certificate of adoption & a document containing a photograph and a description of your artefact;
  • A label will be displayed next to your artefact acknowledging your contribution (credit line is optional);
  • An acknowledgment along with the other adopters on our website (optional);
  • Your adoption story on our website (optional);
  • First rights to re-adopt the following year;
  • A tax receipt (total amount of the adoption);
  • Two tickets to the Unveilling Soirée (adoptions of $ 750 and over);
  • One ticket to the Unveilling Soirée (adoptions of $ 500 or less).

Adopting an artefact can be a fun and unique way of offering a gift to someone you love!

The Policies

  1. The catalog of artefacts is available online and at the front desk of the museum for consultation only.
  2. You can adopt an artefact by calling Alison Hannan at 819 876-7322 or by email at info@colbycurtis.ca.
  3. Adoptions are for a one year term. We will send a reminder by email that your adoption is about to expire.
  4. Adoptors have the first rights to re-adopt the following year. Please note that an artefact may not be available for adoption the following year.
  5. Please allow one-two weeks for the processing and mailing of the adoption documents.
  6. The tax receipts will be mailed at the end of the current year of adoption.
  7. Questions, concerns and comments about the Adopt an Artefact fundraising program may be directed to Alison Hannan, by email info@colbycurtis.ca or by calling 819 876-7322.

Acknowledgments 2018

Organizing Committee

Board of Directors
Matthew Farfan, President
Hélène Danneau, Vice President
Brenda Goodsell, Director

Chloë Southam, Director-Curator
Elise Roberge, Museum Technician
Kathy Curtis, Archivist
Alison Hannan, Executive Assistant

Barbara Heath-Bruhmuller
Debbie Bishop
Jeanne-d’Arc Clowery
Sandra Harrison

Special Thanks

Joanne Croghan
Philippe Désormeaux
Richard Roy

Adopters: Artefacts from catalogue

Charles Dorion
Claude Lagacé & Paul Bannerman (Bannerman Foundation)
Frank Farfan, Leslie Farfan, Penelope Farfan & Matthew Farfan
Gabriel Safdie
Gael Eakin & Desmond Morton
Golden Rule Lodge No. 5, Stanstead
Heather and Tom Conyers
Jean & Stanley Harris
Jeremy Pacaud
Joey & Paula Gaudreau
Keira & Rya Curtis
Les neighbours du hood – Magog
Mécanique M.I.S.A.
Penny Packard & John Logan
Peter Southam
Salon Miss Bob et Pine
Sandra Harrison – In support of Colby-Curtis Museum
Terence Hawes Financial Services Inc.
Terri (Theresa) Harrison & Bruce Weippert from tap Strategy & HR Consulting
Toby & Judy Rochester
Walter Paré – In support of Colby-Curtis Museum

Adoptants: Mystery Artefacts – Unveiling Soirée

Alison Hannan
Anne Leydet in memory of Stephen Burroughs
Aura Andrade

Charles Dorion
Cynthia Oakley
Diane Falconer
Eithne Coyle-Taylor
Elsie Sullivan
François Blanchette
Guylaine Raby
Guylaine Plourde Podologue
Jacques Hébert
James Laroche
Jennifer Sudlow
Joël & Debi Bonn
Kathy Curtis
Mr & Mrs Lawrence & Della Goodsell
Mylène Labonté
Paul Amos
Paul & Betty Howell

Sandra Lussier

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers as well as our generous donors!


Thanks to our sponsors


Richard Gosselin